My Indoor Cats are Fighting

If you have more than one indoor cat, you have almost certainly seen them get into a scrap with each other. Almost all the time, when two familiar indoor cats fight it’s because they are playing. This is very normal behavior and is a chance for your cats to exercise and have fun. However, that … Read more

Are Two Indoor Cats Better Than One?

Although people tend to think that cats prefer to be solitary animals, many of them can benefit from living indoors in pairs. If two indoor cats get along well, they can enrich each other’s lives by providing constant companionship and entertainment. Happier cats behave better and are overall, they are just more enjoyable to be … Read more

Do Indoor Cats Need Collars?

It is very common for outdoor cats to have collars. If you have an indoor cat, you may be wondering if it’s necessary for them to have a collar too. There are a couple of reasons why might decide to give your indoor cat a collar, the indoor cat owning community seems divided on the … Read more

My Indoor Cat Scratched Me, Should I Be Worried?

If you live with an indoor cat, getting scratched is almost an inevitability. Most cat scratches happen on accident and don’t pose a significant danger to your health if the proper steps are taken to clean your wound. You most likely don’t have anything to worry about. However, you will need to clean your cut … Read more

My Indoor Cat Has Gone Missing

If you’re reading this because your indoor cat has gone missing our best advice would be to try to not panic. Indoor cat owners have reason to be worried if their cat escapes as they are inexperienced with the outside world and can be injured easily. However, your best bet to getting them home is … Read more

My Indoor Cat Keeps Sneezing

Its normal for all cats to occasionally sneeze. Much like in humans, sneezing is the normal response for a cat to clear out their nose from irritants. If your cat has had a single short burst of sneezing, they are most likely to be okay. However, if you have noticed that your cat has suddenly … Read more