8 Reasons Your Indoor Cat is Meowing at the Door

We love living with our indoor cats and normally and normally we think that we have become pretty good at understanding what their different meows could mean. Adult cats meow exclusively to communicate with humans. Cats normally talk to each other through body language and key facial movements like the flattening of their ears. Meows … Read more

Can Indoor Cats Get Ear Mites?

Of all the parasites that can get to your cat, ear mites are often forgotten about. Indoor cats can get ear mites, but it is very rare. Ear mites are normally transmitted directly between animals so your cat is naturally protected if it is permanently kept indoors.   However, there are other ways that your … Read more

What Do Indoor Cats Do At Night?

It’s a common misconception that cats are nocturnal. They are actually naturally crepuscular, which means that they prefer doing things when the sun rises and sets. At night, most indoor cats will play through the late evening, sleep through the middle of the night, and get up to be active again as the sun rises. … Read more

Can Indoor Cats Get Worms?

Indoor cats can get worms. Although one of the main purposes of keeping cats indoors is to protect them from picking up parasites from the outside, sometimes these parasites make their way indoors. It is much less likely for a cat to get worms and this probability is reduced even further if humans in the … Read more