Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Good Indoor Cats?

At pets indoors we think that cats can make great indoor pets if you give them the time, love, and attention that they deserve. However, purebred cats like the Siamese Flame Point come with unique characteristics that need to be catered for. The Siamese Flame Point is a rare purebred cat that has become popular because of the unique coloring on its fur. As the breed’s popularity has grown, more people have begun to wonder if the Siamese Flame Point makes for a good indoor cat. Although the breed may have some unique quirks to cater for, we think the Siamese Flame Point will make an excellent housemate. In some cases, you may even need to keep your Flame Point Cat indoors permanently for its own safety. Owners will need to take special care to cater for some unique quirks of the breed, a flame point is probably more effort to keep indoors than your average house cat.  

How are Flame Point Siamese cats different from other cats?

Flame Point Siamese cats are the offspring of a Siamese cat and an orange short hair. This gives them their lightly colored red tips to their ears, nose, and tail. This is where they get their name from. Aside from their unique coloring, Flame Points also behave slightly differently than your normal house cat. Their genetic background plays a role in determining their personality traits and behaviors. They are often described as being quite extroverted compared to other cats. Some owners even compare their adult Flame Points to kittens. They are very energetic, playful, and vocal. The combination of these characteristics mean that Flame Points are loving but needy cats. It is common for them to follow their owners and persistently meow. We think that Flame Point Siamese cats are excellent indoor pets, but owners will need to pay more attention to their need than an average indoor cat to keep them happy. The loving but needy temperament makes them constantly entertaining to be around, but also a handful if left to their own devices. As with most cat related science, the scientific literature is lacking, and we must rely on anecdotes from owners and general consensus.

Flame Point Siamese energy levels.

Flame Point Siamese, like other Siamese cats, tend to be very energetic and will constantly look for play. Female flame points tend to be more energetic than males. They will still nap throughout the day, all cats will on average sleep twelve to sixteen hours per day. However, when are awake they will be very active and be desperate to find a source of play. Keeping a Flame Point Siamese indoors will require you to spend more effort on keeping them entertained and stimulated.

Normally, it is recommended for cat owners to do at least two 15 minute play sessions with their cats per day. Keeping a Flame Point entertained will likely need more frequent and longer play sessions than this. The total time will vary depending on your cat, we try to play with our indoor cats until they seem less interested in their toy which normally takes about 20 minutes. Outdoor cats need less play as they can keep themselves entertained outside.

Although a total of half an hour per day may not sound like a lot, you must be consistent. Cats like consistency and missing days of play will leave them upset. Flame Point Siamese cats that don’t get enough play can develop behavioral problems. Indoor cats live for up to 20 years and Flame Point Siamese cats seem to follow this rule too, taking care of them is a long-term commitment. Before you bring one in to your home you should have a flexible schedule which lets you come home regularly for play time. Indoors cats don’t necessarily need to much space to roam about but this space should be designed to let them explore by using cat trees and tunnels.

Are Flame Point Siamese cats loud?

The Flame Point Siamese cat is an extremely talkative breed of cat. They will meow regularly to let you know what they want and sometimes they may just like to meow for the sake of it. Many owners consider this to be one of the most endearing characteristics of the Flame Point as they come to understand their various vocalizations. Unfortunately, the cuteness of their meow may decrease after you have to live in the same space as them constantly. If you live in an apartment or smaller home, it may be difficult to find a quiet space from your Flame Point Siamese when necessary. This is especially important if you work for home or need your own quiet time for your work or relaxation. If you live next to neighbors in an apartment or attached house your neighbor may eventually have complaints. Have a think about how a Flame Point’s meowing would affect you before considering bringing one into your home.

If your Flame Point Siamese constantly meows at night, you can take the same steps to treat this as you would if any other cat was meowing constantly. Cats who meow all the time are usually bored and need stimulation to distract them. Playing with your cat before bed time can usually tire them out and prevent some night time meowing. Other steps would involve keeping them more active at day to make them sleep through the night and providing alternative sources of stimulation such as positions to watch nature through the window. However, as Flame Points are both especially energetic and vocal, you will probably find that you will have to work much harder to tire them out to get them to be quiet.

Can I leave a Flame Point Siamese at home by itself?

Flame Point Siamese cats tend to form very strong bonds with their owners. Unlike most cats, it is common for them to constantly follow you around the house throughout the day. When they aren’t playing with you, they will often sleep on top of or near you. This can be a very desirable trait for an indoor cat as most cats aren’t so overtly affectionate. People like how

The negative side to this is that you may find it difficult to find your own time away from your cat without breaking their heart. Even being in a separate room is probably enough to make them feel rejected by you. As they are so vocal and energetic, they will let you know how they feel by annoying you until you see them again. If you want to keep your Flame Point Siamese out of the bedroom at night, you may find your sleep regularly disturbed by them trying to get inside the bedroom. Flame Point Siamese cats who don’t get to see their owners enough may develop separation anxiety. Many owners like to get a second cat for the Flame Point to bond with so they can have constant socialization.

We don’t think Flame Point Siamese cats are a good option for your home if you regularly have to be away for long periods. The intensity of separation anxiety varies in intensity between cats and depends on how dependent they have become on your attention. Long days alone while you are out at work aren’t ideal and it is worse still if you need to be gone for long evenings or weekends. If you are away for a couple of nights we recommend getting a cat sitter.

Problems with Flame Point Siamese Cats

Flame Point Siamese cats regularly suffer from pica. This is a compulsive disorder that can affect cats and make them eat non-edible items. The specific items vary from cat to cat. Common items include plastic bags, cardboard, and strings. There isn’t a cure for this, and your Flame Point may suffer from pica for its whole life. Pica can lead to cats eating dangerous items. Occasional small bits of cardboard or paper shouldn’t be too dangerous but long thin items such as shoelaces, elastic bands, and fabric can be deadly. They get wound up and cause damage to their intestinal tract and are need for an emergency vet visit. The only real solution to this is to be very careful with what items you leave out in your house. Any item that your cat may eat needs to be placed away in safe spaces. If your indoor cat does eat a dangerous object an emergency vet visit is needed as soon as possible. Your vet will provide specific treatment to suit your cat.

Pedigree cat owners regularly worry about their cats exploring the outside as opportunistic thieves will see their cats as high value targets. Flame Points can be worth up to $4000, many owners decide to keep their cats inside for their own safety from poachers.

How do I take care of an indoor Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Like all indoor cats, Flame Point Siamese need regular play, interaction, and stimulation to keep them happy while living indoors. However, their temperament means that owners will need to spend more time and energy to play with them and keep them entertained. Indoor Flame Point Siamese owners will need to be more patient with their cat and will probably be regularly disturbed by their meowing and calls during the day and at night. Owners who can’t consistently do this will see their cat suffer and possibly develop negative behaviors such as property destruction. Owners will also need to be much more careful with their property as most Flame Point Siamese cats suffer from Pica.

If you can do all of this, Flame Point Siamese cats make excellent indoor cats due to their playfulness. They will become strongly attached to you and are likely to genuinely enjoy spending time around you.