My Re-homed Cat Isn’t Eating

Re-homing a cat can be a difficult process and there are many things for new owners to worry about during the process. Seeing a cat show no interest in food when they come into their new home can be worrying. Re-homed cats can avoid their food for a number of reasons. While some causes are … Read more

My Re-homed Cat Keeps Hiding

Re-homing can be a tough experience for a cat. Although they are moving to a new home and family where they will be loved and cared in, they don’t know this. It is normal and understandable for a re-homed cat to be fearful of their new house and hide for whole days under beds or … Read more

Is My Indoor Cat is Bored?

Cats can happily live indoors but sometimes we may not be able to do enough to keep them entertained at home. Bored cats are generally not a good time be around. It can also be very upsetting knwoing that an animal in your care is unhappy with the life you are providing them. Cats can … Read more