How Often Should Indoor Cats Poop?

Checking on your cat’s bowel movements is one of the less glamorous aspects of owning a cat but it’s an essential way to keep an eye on their health.

Healthy indoor cats should poop once or twice a day, no matter what kind of diet they are on. The exact time and amount may vary a bit but if your cat is on a consistent diet their bowel movements should be very regular. If your cat changes how often they visit the litter box, it can be a sign that they are suffering and need a trip to the vet.

How many times should an indoor cat poop per day?

Indoor cats, no matter what type of diet they are on, should use the litter box for a poop at least once per day. Going twice or even three times per day would also be considered normal.

It is rare for a healthy cat to make a bowel movement more than three times a day. If they are very frequently using the litter box there could be a range of medical or behavioral causes.

Similarly, it isn’t normal for an indoor cat to poop less than once per day. Constipation in cats can be a sign of an improper diet or a physical obstruction in their body among other causes. Most of these aren’t good for your cat and need a visit to the vet.

Is my cat okay if they are pooping a lot?

Rather than checking how frequently your indoor cat goes to the toilet, the more obvious way of checking their health is by looking at what they leave behind in the litter box.

Healthy cat stools should be firm and dark brown in colour. Cats that are passing their bowels several times a day may be suffering from diarrhea. This could have been caused by a food intolerance to their usual diet or a snack that they snuck in while you weren’t looking. Dairy products like cheese and butter are a common cause.

Cat diarrhea will have a light brown colour and a wet consistency. It doesn’t have to be completely liquid, it may just be softer than normal. If you aren’t sure you can check by prodding it with some disposable eating utensils or a stick. Healthy cat poop should be firm enough to resist a light prod.

My Indoor cat hasn’t pooped all day

If your cat normally passes their bowels daily and they have skipped a day you should start to monitor them carefully. Constipation isn’t healthy but the main thing to look out for is an obstruction in their digestive system.

This happens when cats eat a non-digestible item and it becomes lodged in their digestive system. Objects can cause physical harm to the inside of the bodies which can quickly lead to serious injuries and even death. If you think that they have an obstruction you should contact your vet immisiately.

If you aren’t certain about the cause, it is generally recommended that you wait for two to three days before taking them in for an appointment at the vet. Even if your cat is just constipated, you will want to know what has caused this. They may need to change their diet to improve their normal health.

Why isn’t my cat pooping?

Cat bowel movements are normally very regular, especially if they are on a set diet and have regular feeding times. Precise timing will vary, but it is common for cats to work visits to the litter box into their daily schedule like after eating, playing, or waking up.

As cats age and change their activity levels, their dietary requirements change. Its also not uncommon for some cat food manufacturers to change their ingredients without saying which can cause changes in their bowel movements.

If you use an automatic feeder for some or all of your cat’s meals, check if it is full and still working. Cats that are missing meals will visit the toilet less. If you don’t use an automatic feeder, question if you have missed or skimped out on a meal recently.

You may also want to check other locations around the house your cat may have been using as a toilet instead of their litter box. House plants, areas under furniture, and spare rooms are common locations your indoor cat may be using to relieve themselves. It’s a sign that your cat is unhappy with their current litter box.