Should Indoor Cats Eat Grass?

Giving your indoor cat grass to eat isn’t necessary but it can be a nice way to supplement their diet and give them some entertainment. There is no conclusive research on why cats eat grass. Cats are obligate carnivores and should be able to fill out their dietary requirements through eating meat. Most modern cat foods will provide everything your cat needs in their diet.

Some cat experts have assumed that the additional fibre that grass can provide for a cat helps them to pass out parasites that they would naturally accumulate in the wild. We’ll use this article to look at what providing grass for your cat can do and if its worth your time and money.

Do indoor cats need to eat grass?

Indoor cats do not need to eat grass as part of their diet. Most people will promote cat grass as a source of fibre, but unlike humans, cats need no additional fibre in their diet as they are carnivores. Most cat foods still contain some fibre to help your cat pass hairballs although this may be an unnecessary addition depending on which expert you ask.

There are more effective treatments for your cat if they are constipated or regularly get hairballs. In both cases, these are problems that you will want your vet to know about as they may be signs of health complications in your cat.

Why do cats eat grass?

However, if you leave some grass out, most cats will probably take the opportunity to eat it. A new and leading theory is that this is an instinct that helps younger cats pass out parasites like worms that they would accumulate in their body if they had been hunting for prey in the wild. Indoor cats should be regularly dewormed so this really isn’t a necessary step your cat needs to take now.

Another popular theory is that cats eat grass for the vitamins and minerals it can provide, specifically folic acid. Again, most cat foods should be able to give your cat the complete amount of nutrients that your cat needs to be healthy. This is especially true for higher-quality wet foods. If your cat is suffering from a lack of vitamins due to a health complication, this is a problem that a vet can prescribe medication for.

Is cat grass worth it?

Growing cat grass is relatively easy and cheap to do. You can buy seeds online for just a few dollars and grow them in a pot in a sunny space. That being said, it still takes a small amount of care to keep it from drying out. Cats will also quickly eat cat grass meaning you may need to have batches growing at the same time if you want your cat to have a constant supply.

While its not clear if grass is beneficial for your cat’s diet, it doesn’t hurt it. There are also other benefits to letting your cat munch on grass throughout the day. Biting cat grass provides some entertainment for your cat and is a small way to make their life indoors a little more interesting if you are gone.

Letting your cat eat grass can redirect their destructive behaviors from your other possessions. You can try planting some cat grass in your home if your cat regularly eats your other house plants.

Given how cheap and easy it is to grow cat grass, we think most indoor cat owners would find regularly growing cat grass worthwhile for the sake of their cats. At the same time we wouldn’t worry too much if it seems like too much of a hassle. Your cat won’t suffer too much. The most important thing to provide for any cat is still interactive play and a safe space to call home.